Brazos G Committees (2021 - 2023)

Executive Committee

Wayne Wilson, Chair
Gail Peek, Vice Chair
David Collinsworth
David Blackburn
Gary Westbrook

Nominating and By-Law Committee

Dale Spurgin, Chair
Kenny Weldon, Vice Chair
Luci Dunn
Gary Westbrook
Scott Felton

GMA Liasons

Lynn Smith, GMA 6
Dale Adams, GMA 7
Dirk Aaron, GMA 8
Gary Westbrook, GMA 12
Zack Holland, GMA 14

Scope of Work Committee

Gary Newman, Chair
Dirk Aaron, Vice Chair
Luci Dunn
David Blackburn
Lisa Tyer
David Collinsworth
Dale Spurgin

Water Policy Committee

Charles Beseda, Chair
Zack Holland, Vice Chair
Kenny Weldon
Gary Myers
Alan Gardenhire
Lynn Smith
Gary Spicer
Jennifer Bronson-Warren, Non Voting

Groundwater Committee

Gary Westbrook, Chair
Jim Briggs, Vice Chair
Jennifer Nations
Kathy Turner Jones
Scott Felton
Dale Adams
Patrick Wagner

RWPG Liaisons

Lynn Smith, Region B
Gary Spicer, Region C
Dale Adams, Region F
Zack Holland, Region H
Gary Newman, Region K
Jim Briggs, Region L
Dale Spurgin, Region O

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